Haunted Places in Alabama

If you tour Mobile in autumn, you're bound to find some spooky experiences. Mobile is a town with rich history and older architecture. Immersing yourself in the town may cause a spooky specter to chase you around. You may be taking more home than souvenirs when your trip is done! Here are some of the most popular "haunted" attractions in the historic city this fall.

Haunted Houses in Mobile, AL

You can't travel to our stomping grounds without seeing lines of antebellum houses strewn along the road. While we have already written an article about the different historic house museums in Mobile, we haven't shared which ones are rumored to be haunted and why.

Oakleigh House
Price: $10 for adults, $5 for kids
Hours: 10AM-4PM
Address: 300 Oakleigh Pl.

Oakleigh is one of the oldest homes in Mobile. This, plus its ornate decor and historic style, seem like the perfect recipe for paranormal activity. You can tour this house for a cheap price and see for yourself, and you can see if you have any creepy vibes inside.

The Irwin family lived in this home throughout their life, and four of their family members died inside the house. The Oakleigh manager Marye Newman says she has seen some odd sights here. Some years there have been ghost hunts on the property, but nothing's been confirmed for 2021 or 2022.

Bragg-Mitchell House 
Price: Adults: $10, Children: $5
Hours: 10AM-3PM
Address: 1906 Springhill Ave.

Yet another gorgeous antebellum mansion. While the outside might be impressive and awe-inspiring, underneath this positive veil lies something possibly more sad. Some tourists describe that the house feels depressing at times, as though someone is crying for help. Whether or not this is true is for you to decide!

The spooky specters that people report seeing are a lady in an elegant dress and a phantom cat. Could be interesting...or life-changing.

Oakleigh House

Address: 350 Oakleigh Place, Mobile, AL

Hours: 10AM - 4PMTours begin every hour on the hour. The last tour for the day starts at 3PM.

Prices: $10 - Adults, $5 - Children

COVID Guidelines: There will be limited tour sizes, face masks are required for both employees and visitors, and hand sanitizer is available throughout the house.

What is the Oakleigh House?

Probably one of the most renowned homes in the area, Oakleigh is an excellent place to go on a historical home tour. Aside from the ornate furniture and the amazing upkeep of this 19th century house, you will learn about the complex history of the South. Oakleigh is also thought to be haunted by several ghosts. Keep your eyes peeled for any sneaky specters.

You can book your tour by calling Oakleigh House at 251-432-1281, if you have any questions, send an email to hmps@bellsouth.net.

Mobile Mystery Dinners

Show Dates
October 29th, 2021
November 13th, 2021
December 3, 2021
Address: 1260 Dauphin St.

What are Mobile Mystery Dinners?
If you can plan your trip around it, you can have a hauntingly good time at a Mobile mystery dinner! Not only can you grab top-notch food here, but you can also witness a murder solved in real time! It's a fun play. October's play is called the Masquerade Murder. Don't miss it!

Ghost Hunt in Mobile, AL
Through Mobile mystery dinners, you can also go on a ghost tour! At $35, it may seem pricey, but you'll explore major sites in the historic district of mobile in an unforgettable tour. This is an annual events

History Museum of Mobile

Price: $20
Hours: 7:30PM-8:30PM
Address: 111 S. Royal St.

Downtown mobile is rich with history, making it a prime ghost hunting opportunity. The History Museum of Mobile goes into the town's diverse stories in an older building. It can be a fun experience for Mobile first-timers.

Mobile's Own Ghost Stories
While other tours will show you spooky sights around the city, the History Museum of Mobile tells you why you should be scared. This attraction happens every day of the week, and can set the stage for your entire Mobile vacation.

Here you will learn why some consider Mobile the "most haunted city in America". Organize your tour on the history museum website.

Conde-Charlotte House

Address: 104 Theatre St, Mobile, AL

Hours: 11AM - 3:30PM

Prices: $10 - Adult (older than 12), $5 - Child

COVID Guidelines:
Masks are required and you will be social distancing as needed.

What is the Conde-Charlotte House?

This building was originally the first courthouse and jail in Mobile, Alabama. Later it was adopted as a home for the Kirkbride family, and now sits as a museum where you can learn about the South's complicated legacy.

Mobile Carnival Museum

Address: 355 Government St, Mobile, AL

Hours: Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
9AM - 4PM

Prices: $8 Adults, $3 Child

COVID Guidelines: Masks are required for entry. You will also be asked to social distance.

While other historic houses are filled with furniture common to the era when it was built, the Carnival Museum shows you how Mardi Gras was born, and what carnival means to the people who live in the area.

Of course, if you stay at the Malaga Inn, you are probably aware that people think we are haunted. While we haven't seen any specters wandering our halls, some guests swear they have seen and heard creepy things. After a long day looking for ghosts, you might just find one in your room at the Malaga Inn! We hope to see you this October!

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