Supporting Small Business--A Message from the Malaga Inn in Mobile, Alabama
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Local small businesses and how you can help

April 2020
      During this COVID-19 crisis, businesses of all sizes have been hit hard in this challenging new age of quarantine, special distancing and self-isolation, but small business in particular have borne the brunt of the radical changes we are experiencing across the United States and here in Mobile, Alabama.
      Being a small business here at the Malaga, we know how operations can be so delicate that the slightest downturn could mean an end to a business you've worked years to build. Our goal is to encourage participation and support of small businesses in our Mobile community, especially during this unprecedented time.
      According to the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce, 95% of its membership is considered to be small business, averaging less than 100 employees. And in 2018, the Chamber reported that out of approximately 460,440 employees in the Mobile region, 309,771 are in service-providing areas such as leisure and hospitality (like the Malaga Inn), and retail trades.           
      We hope you will join us to "think local, buy local," in all areas whenever possible. There are many local area restaurants providing curbside service including Rooster's, Pizzeria Delphina, Callaghan's Irish Social Club, and Von's Bistro just to name a few. As a side note, like many local restaurants, Von's is providing free meals for local hospital health care workers. "We are doing what we can to help those on the frontlines, and we are grateful to be able to do something to express our gratitude," shares Von Larson, co-owner. And for those who need to get your coffee fix during these difficult times, local chain Yellowhammer Coffee on Dauphin Street has drive thru services. You can check out more on this business and its co-founder Jeff Roberts featured in this recent article on For patrons seeking adult beverages, Mobile's Ice Box Bar opens Thursday and Friday at 2 p.m. and weekends at noon or try O'Daly's Irish Pub to pick up sealed alcoholic beverages to enjoy in your home.
      Be sure to check your favorite local restaurant's Facebook page or call to ensure their hours, pick up or delivery options and menu offerings.
      Another small business that has recently reopened is Lush Home Garden Event, a unique design and floral and gift shop on Government Street featuring a wide variety of interior and home decor looks. Owner Tim Burt says, that "small business customers are more than just a customer" and shares a beautiful example of why on the shop's Facebook page. Discover for yourself by visiting his video on Facebook.
      Other businesses have pivoted their production output during this time to provide direct support for health care workers. One local business that the Malaga has patronized is Calagaz Printing which has shifted from printing menus, table tents and other items for national restaurant brands to producing face shields for local hospitals.
      According to a recent article featured on the Alabama Department of Commerce's, "Made In Alabama" website, the company has printed more than 150,000 face shields supplying local hospitals including: Mobile Infirmary, Providence Hospital and Springhill Medical Center, along with the University of South Alabama's University Hospital and Children's and Women's Hospital.
      Mobile is a tight knit town and we support our local businesses and each other whenever possible. We know that Mobile as a community will come back stronger than ever when this crisis is over and, in the meantime, we sincerely encourage those in our area to support local businesses.
      The Malaga Inn is currently accepting guests that MUST travel, and is taking extra care to disinfect rooms, and enforce social distancing guidelines in the lobby and common areas.
      The Malaga Inn is conveniently located in Historic Downtown Mobile, offering 39 custom tailored, private rooms and suites that combine modern comforts with classic, Southern living. We look forward to seeing you when your plans include travel.
Photo via Pizzeria Delphina
Photo via Von's Bistro
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