Take A Walk Down Alabama's Alligator Alley!

If you're a fan of wildlife - or just want to see a prehistoric monster up close - then you'll love Alligator Alley alligator farm, in Summerdale, AL! Alabama's Alligator Alley is home to more than 450 alligators, from hatchlings to mature adults. The farm was started as a rescue sanctuary for "nuisance" animals: alligators who had proven too aggressive or problematic for their own good. Rather than killing these magnificent animals, they were brought to Alligator Alley for a second chance at life. Alligator Alley provides over 20 acres of natural cypress swamp habitat for their rescued gators. Alligators at the farm can feed, swim, sunbathe, mate, and nest, unmolested - and you can watch! Visitors to Alligator Alley are treated to alligators ranging in size from just over 12 inches to well over 12 feet in length. View mature adults in their natural habitat from the safety of an an elevated viewing platform and later hold and take selfies with a baby gator! In between you'll enjoy a guided nature walk down an elevated boardwalk as you observe and learn about alligators. You'll see other animals int he preserve as well: turtles, osprey, owls, bullfrogs, and more. The big draw, however, is feeding time. "Snack Time" at Alligator Alley comes at 11am, 1pm, and 4pm daily - and is it ever worth the wait! Staff members will feed the gators while you watch. You can also feed them if you want - just watch your fingers! One the farm's largest alligators, Captain Crunch, is over thirteen feet long and holds the record for the world’s strongest bite at 2,982 psi!

Alligator Alley

19950 Highway 71, Summerdale, AL 36580 Visit gatoralleyfarm.com for directions, hours, and other information. You can also follow them on Facebook. In fact, one of the gators, Pickles, has its own Facebook page! Alligator Alley Lodging Malaga Inn is a historic Mobile AL hotel offering 39 private rooms and suites in Mobile’s Downtown Historic District. Our convenient location is just minutes from Alligator Alley and all the rest of what you came to see in the Mobile Bay area. Give yourself the gift of value, comfort, and true Southern hospitality with a stay at Malaga Inn!