Take A Walk Down Alabama's Alligator Alley

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Alligator Alley, in Summerdale, AL, is not your typical farm. Unless, of course, your typical farm has over 450 alligators with names like "Captain Crunch" in it! Alabama's Alligator Alley (not to be confused with the stretch of Interstate 75 in Florida) is over 20 acres of natural cypress swamp that has been turned into a preserve for rescued alligators. The bulk of these alligators were considered "nuisance animals" found or kept in unnatural environments. Without Alligator Alley, these beautiful creatures would otherwise be killed. For visitors, Alligator Alley is a chance to see over 450 alligators, from hatchlings to mature adults, in their natural habitat. You'll see gators, ranging in size from 5 to more than 13 feet long, relaxing, sunbathing, courting, feeding, and nesting. Your visit to Alligator Alley will begin with a breathtaking view from an elevated viewing platform of the alligators in their natural habitat. After that, you'll enjoy a guided nature walk down and elevated boardwalk. From this vantage you will see and learn about the American alligator, as well as other animals in view: turtles, osprey, owls, and bullfrogs. The real fun comes at feeding time - 11am, 1pm, and 4pm daily. The experts at Alligator Alley will thrill you with the spectacle of feeding these giant creatures. You can feed an alligator, too! You may even get to meet the farm's two largest alligators: Captain Crunch and The Colonel. Captain Crunch is over thirteen feet long and has the world’s strongest bite at 2,982 pounds psi! Visit the air-conditioned gator station once your tour on the boardwalk is over. Inside, you'll get the chance to get up close and personal with a baby alligator. You can even hold a baby alligator, if you want. Recommended! These misunderstood creatures are beautiful and fascinating - if only you'll give them to chance to be!

Alligator Alley

Malaga Inn
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19950 Highway 71, Summerdale, AL 36580 Open 7 Days a week, 10am to 5pm Feeding Times: 11am, 1pm, and 4pm For more information, visit the farm online: gatoralleyfarm.com Alligator Alley Lodging Only 30 minutes from Alligator Alley, historic Malaga Inn holds your key to comfort, value, and personal attention in accommodations. Sample true, old world, Southern hospitality in any one of the 39 private rooms and suites in our Mobile AL hotel, conveniently located in Mobile’s Downtown Historic District. Book your stay now!