See The World at the 2016 Mobile International Festival!

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Visit the world without ever leaving the U.S. at the 2016 Mobile International Festival, scheduled for November 19th at the Mobile Civic Center and Expo Hall! The annual Mobile International Festival is your ticket to world travel - minus the traveling part! Over 70 different nations from around the world are represented at the festival. China, Brazil, Egypt, Austria, Gambia, Greece, Mali, Togo, Israel, Vietnam, Ukraine, and more! All on display through exhibitions of culture, heritage, and traditions. The sound of many tongues being spoken at once will fill your ears and imagination. Your eyes will soak up the various arts, crafts, and ceremonial dress. The theme of this year's Mobile International Festival is "The Art of Architecture." The Festival will focus on architecture from around the world. You will see examples of architectural styles and innovations that became popular outside their country of origin. Music, dances, and traditional storytelling will inform and delight you. This year's lineup includes Japanese Taiko Drummers, an Irish pipe band, Spanish classical guitarist, and master-storyteller Akbar Imhotep. One of the best parts of the festival, however, has to be the food! The Mobile International Festival food court gives you the chance to taste a great many international dishes. Give your tongue the experience of a lifetime with the assembled array of ethnic and national specialties. Over 30 different vendor booths will be on hand serving their country's signature foods. The Mobile International Festival mission is to celebrate the cultural differences that make up not just Mobile but our entire country. Come experience the world in Mobile!

Mobile International Festival

November 19, 2016, 10am – 4pm Mobile Civic Center – 401 Civic Center Dr. Mobile, AL For tickets, updates, and other details, be sure to visit: Mobile International Festival Lodging Malaga Inn offers 39 custom tailored rooms and suites - all within 1 minute’s walking distance of the Mobile Civic Center! Give yourself comfort, value, and the best of both modern and classic amenities. Stay at Malaga Inn!