Royal Scam

One local restaurant  that I always recommend to my guests at the Malaga Inn is the Royal Scam. It is truly one of the best restaurants in downtown Mobile. My guests always ask me what kind of restaurant it is and I always say that their eclectic menu makes it a little difficult to explain. They describe themselves as casual fine dining. You can order anything from burgers and fries to a really nice steak or rack of lamb. Their soup of the day is always good no matter what it is. They serve, as a side, this really delicious  spicy mango salad. Roast duck panini, beef tenderloin, seared ahi tuna are just a few of the other items found on the menu. They have an extensive beer and wine list and a great atmosphere. The wait staff is always friendly and helpful. Royal Scam is actually the sister restaurant of Heroes Sports Bar and Grill which is also worth checking out. If you are planning a special celebration Royal Scam also takes advance reservations which you will want to make early as their weekends are usually packed to the gills. I can't say enough good things about this place. It is a must next time you are in town.