Mobile Airboat Tours - Discover the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta

Mobile Airboat Tours will get you out onto the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta the way no other tour can. Airboats are fast, fun, and exciting. Plus they can maneuver more quietly and in shallower waters than most boats for even better, up-close wildlife experiences! The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta is a natural gem and one of the most unique watersheds in the world. Here, five fresh water rivers - the Mobile, Spanish, Tensaw, Apalachee, and Blakeley - come together as they flow into the salt waters of Mobile Bay. This collision of fresh and salt water creates an unusual environment that supports a vast network of plants and animals. Many of the plants and animals found here are unique to this environment. In fact, the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta is home to hundreds of acres of threatened and endangered species. People travel from around the world to experience and explore the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Mobile airboat tours are one of the most popular ways to see this very special region. Why are they so popular? It's the flexibility. An airboat can provide a high speed thrill ride, a serene wildlife safari, and all stages in between. Airboats are light, fast, and can slip quietly through shallow waters that other powerboats find impassable. This allows them the ability to provide those up-close, wildlife encounters we all dream of better than most other tours.

Mobile Airboat Tours

There are currently two companies specializing in Mobile airboat tours of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Airboat Adventures 3775 Battleship Parkway, Spanish Fort, Al 36527 Airboat Adventures offers a variety of experiences on the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. Choose from their 30 minute Fun Run wildlife tour or their hour long, educational Eco Tour. Looking for a touch more excitement? Airboat Adventures' 30 minute Night Tour promises lots of alligators - some up to 12 feet in length! Airboat Adventures also offers a Bow Fishing Tour for a truly unforgettable experience. Visit for rates, times, and other more details. Airboat Express 3733 Battleship Parkway, Spanish Fort, AL 36527 Airboat Express is one of Alabama's oldest and most reputable airboat tour companies. They also offer a variety of tour options. The 1 Hour Eco Tour is an in-depth, educational tour perfect for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. The Sunset Tour is similar to the Eco Tour but with a stunning sunset thrown in for good measure. The 1/2 Hour Fun Run will give you more of an airboat than a wildlife experience - but you'll still see some wildlife! If wildlife is what you're after, check out their Night Tour. It didn't get its "" nickname accidentally! Learn more about Airboat Express's Mobile airboat tours online at

Mobile-Tensaw River Delta Lodging

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