Meet Tutankhamun at the History Museum of Mobile!

Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922 is considered the most important archaeological find of the last century - and now you can discover the ancient treasures of the boy king of Egypt for yourself, on display at the History Museum of Mobile until April 3rd, 2016! The History Museum of Mobile's current main exhibit, Tutankhamun: Wonderful Things from the Pharaoh's Tomb is a window into the life and death of King Tut through 100 reproductions of his famous tomb's treasures. Exhibited at the History Museum of Mobile since October 2015, this collection from the artisans of the Pharaonic Village in Egypt recreates the artifacts discovered in King Tut's tomb, the richest archaeological find of all time. The History Museum of Mobile is always bringing fascinating and unusual exhibits and events to the area. From the 5,000 pound, 10 foot long, deck gun, pulled from the wreck of the CSS Alabama of Cherbourg, France, to the intricate miniatures of Aaron B. Friedman, the museum's own permanent collection is worth a look as well. Old Ways, New Days is an exhibit tracing 300 years of Mobile’s history, using interactive exhibits and artifacts. Starting from the first Native American inhabitants, the exhibit takes you on a journey through time, including the Colonial era, slavery, WWII, the Civil Rights movement in Mobile, and on into the present day. Interactive exhibits are interspersed with exciting artifacts, telling the story of Mobile’s disasters, diversity, recreational activities, local industry, and much more. The Mary Jane Slaton Inge Gallery includes some of the History Museum of Mobile's finest pieces, including Boehm porcelain, Baccarat crystal, Limoges china, souvenirs from several of Mobile's oldest mystic societies, sculptures, paintings, and numerous other pieces. The Friedman Miniature House Gallery is a fascinating permanent exhibit displaying the remarkable craftsmanship of Mobilian Aaron B. Friedman. Friedman painstakingly recreated in miniature a number of tiny houses, including some famous mansions of Alabama, for his granddaughters. This exhibit also includes selections from the museum’s toy collection.

History Museum of Mobile

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