Explore the Mobile-Tensaw Delta On a Delta Airboat Tour!

Get out onto the water! Come and explore the incredible and diverse world of untamed wildlife on a Mobile-Tensaw Delta airboat tour! Alabama's Mobile-Tensaw Delta is a complex network of rivers, creeks, bays, lakes, wetlands, and bayous flowing out into Mobile Bay. 5 major rivers flow into the Gulf of Mexico here. The Mobile, Spanish, Tensaw, Apalachee, and Blakeley rivers all flow out into the Gulf via Mobile Bay. The tide returns the favor and pushes back up the rivers, salting the wetlands, creeks, and bayous of the Delta. This mix creates a unique environment supporting a broad spectrum of plants and animals. More than 450 different species thrive here. Humans thrive here as well, getting out into the Delta in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. One of the more exciting ways is on a Mobile-Tensaw Delta airboat tour! Airboats are a very efficient way to travel over shallow water - plus they're fun and exciting to ride in! Airboats are open, flat-bottomed craft powered by an aircraft engine and propeller. The engine and propeller are mounted high and to the back of the boat. This raises the boat's center of gravity so that it can skim over the surface of the water. Passengers sit at a similar height, ahead of the propeller towards the center of the boat. Airboats are a bit like a combination of boating, flying, and sledding! The ride can be extremely exhilarating, shooting along, the wind in your hair. Light and easy to maneuver, airboats can also be gentle and slow conveyance. Just the thing for a slow, quiet cruise into some of this country's most beautiful and rare wilderness. You'll see a variety of wildlife on an Alabama airboat cruise. You'll see osprey, bald eagle, brown pelicans, and many, many other birds.  Over 300 species of birds have been recorded here! Otters and muskrats are common, frogs and turtles too. And yes, you betcha - lots of alligators and much more.

Mobile-Tensaw Delta Airboat Tour

There are a variety of companies providing Mobile-Tensaw Delta airboat tours. Here are a couple of the more popular ones in the Mobile area. Airboat Adventures - www.airboatadventures.net 3775 Battleship Parkway, Spanish Fort, Al 36527 Delta Airboat Express - www.deltaairboatexpress.us 3733 Battleship Parkway, Spanish Fort, AL 36527 Mobile-Tensaw Delta Lodging After a hot day exploring, you're going to want to relax somewhere comfortable and not too far from food. Malaga Inn’s deep modern amenities and convenient location in Mobile's Downtown Historic District fits the bill. Our 39 private rooms and suites combine the best of modern living with lush, old-world beauty. Book your room now at Malaga Inn today!