Come To Mobile, AL For Dauphin Street Beer Festival 2019!

The 22nd annual return of the Dauphin Street Beer Festival is coming right up! Come sample over 90 different craft beers, imports, and ciders from around the region and the world. 6pm to 9pm, August 24th, 2019 in downtown Mobile, AL. It's practically a natural law: no matter how amazing last year's event was, Dauphin Street Beer Festival is one of those quintessential summer events that just gets better every year. Each festival sees new beers and ciders to sample, new venues to visit, and new happy faces in the crowd.

Not Your Typical Beer Festival

In many ways, Dauphin Street Beer Festival is more like one, big pub-crawl than a typical beer fest. Instead of a single location, the event is held at a variety of pubs and restaurants in downtown Mobile. In past years, attendees have been made to start off from a specific venue, typically the Crescent Theater. Here you'll enjoy your first beer of the evening (hoorah!) and collect your wristband, keepsake mug, and a beer festival map. Alabama law requires private clubs to allow members only, so you'll also receive a temporary club membership card. After collecting their festival goods, attendees meander from venue to venue, sampling beers at their own pace. also cluster up in knots on the street, talking, laughing, and having a good time. Dauphin Street and the surrounding area becomes one big street party. Last year's beer fest saw over 30 downtown Mobile taverns and restaurants participating, with more than 80 different beverages on the tasting list. Because restaurants are also in the mix, attendees will find plenty of food offerings at the festival. Water and other non-alcoholic drinks will also be available. Having fun is one thing, overdoing it is another. Come join in on the fun in downtown Mobile, AL on August 24th! Tickets will be available in mid-July. RSVP to get all the latest info!

Dauphin Street Beer Festival 2019

Aug 24th, 6pm to 9pm Dauphin Street, Mobile, AL 36602 More details on this year's festival will be made available mid-July. Watch both and the festival Facebook page for all the latest news.

Mobile AL Lodging

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