A History Of Crime And Enforcement At The Mobile Police Museum

If you're interested in the history of law enforcement from a variety of angles, you should definitely visit the Mobile Police Museum. The museum offers a fascinating collection of artifacts from over 180 years of Mobile law enforcement history. Mobile, AL has lots of interesting things to do and see but one which you many overlook is the Mobile Police Museum. Granted, it is a small collection but despite this, the museum contains many interesting exhibits. The Mobile Police Museum faces Cathedral Square, at the intersection of Dauphin and Claiborne Streets, just 3 blocks from Malaga Inn. The museum, also known as the Dauphin Street Police Museum, is pretty easy to find - just look for the police station. The museum is located in the lobby! Those with a guilty conscience may find this location a bit daunting but it's actually quite convenient. Because it's located inside Mobile's downtown precinct office, the museum is open 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week. Not many museums can offer those kinds of flexible hours! As I said above, the Mobile Police Museum is fairly small - but it's packed with plenty to see. One of the more popular exhibits displays weapons taken from local criminals over the years. There are knives, swords, guns, clubs, brass knuckles, and even a homemade zip gun. The collection is startlingly large and will make you appreciate your local police more than ever. Another interesting exhibit details "Mobile's Most Famous Arrest" - that of Patricia Krenwinkle. Patricia Krenwinkle was part of the infamous Charles Manson Family.  She was arrested in Mobile, December 1969, for her role in the Tate and LaBianca murders. She now has the dubious honor of being California’s longest-serving female inmate. Other exhibits at the Mobile Police Museum include drug paraphernalia, and an overview of the tools and firearms used by the department over the past 180+ years. Many of the older pieces, like the gasoline engine-powered "Pepper Fog" machine, are utterly fascinating. There is also a section honoring officers killed in the line of duty. One of the oldest pieces on display is a prisoner log dating from the Civil War! Don't miss it!

Mobile Police Museum

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